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Crawl Space Cleaning in Portland

There are professional crawl space contractors who have the knowledge and experience to inspect and to offer the most appropriate solution to all related problems. But, it is important for the home or property owner to know when it is the right time to call in the professionals.

We provide crawl space cleaning and repair services in Portland Oregon. We are the only crawl space company that eliminates all rat and mouse entry points, without poison baits .

We offer guarantee that rodents will not return.

Rodent  infestations problems in your crawl space can originate on your roof, your sewer line, crawl space vents, and sometimes because your garage door doesn’t fit. If your furnace is in your garage and the door isn’t tight and well fitting, rodents can go right into your crawl space.

A good contractor is one who will be upfront with the client, with regards to the needs of the home, be it structural repairs, mold mitigation, insulation installation or flood protection, a workable solution is to be derived well within the budget. The professional should answer promptly to all the questions posed by the client about the necessary solutions to be undertaken. The contractor also needs to be certified, possess in-depth experience and invaluable knowledge and also recommend ways and means to maintain as well as avoid future damage to the space. This way, the person should experience the very best services and avoid huge expenses and problems in the future.

We've been serving happy customers for over 27 years in the Portland Oregon metro area.

Our Services include:
-Building restoration service
-Primary category
-Vapor Barrier Repair and Replacement
-Mold Prevention and Cleaning
-Odor Elimination
-Radon Mitigation
-Standing Water Solutions
-Bio-Hazard Identification
-De-Contamination and Cleaning
-Animal Feces Removal
-Insulation Repair and Replacement
-Heat Duct Sanitizing and Repair
-Insect Treatment
-Rat Damage Repairs
-Attic and Crawl Space Cleaning and Restoration
-Rodent Control, Removal & Exclusion
-Vapor Barrier and Encapsulation
-Crawl Space Repair & Insulation Services
-Mold Remediation
-Garage Door Seals

Rats and Mice chew on things. They love to chew certain kinds of wiring, and plastics because the wiring insulation is made from vegetable oils. Many house fires have been caused by rats and mice chewing on the wiring. A favorite chewing target of rats is the water line that runs to the refrigerator ice maker. They also love to chew on the discharge lines from the dishwasher under the sink, a common cause of flooding water damage.

We want to prevent further damage to your property. We have examined and treated thousands of damage issues. Our depth of experience and over 27 years of service to the Portland area have allowed us to develop an integrated process of denying rodent entry to your home or business.

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Crawl Space Repair & Restoration Services
It is common in Portland Oregon to have excess moisture in a crawl space. This water can come from a several sources. The slope of the ground around your house can be a contributing factor. Clogged gutters and downspouts will pour water along side of your foundation and that water ends up in your crawl space. The gutter drains that lead out to the street or into Portland’s storm water system are often plugged up. We find a lot of broken sump pumps and down hill drain valves.

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